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Montzerratoi`s founder and Head Coach Mari Pakka has a wide experience about leadership and developing people's skills and abilities and boosting performance. Coaching is a positive and proven approach helping others explore their goals and ambitions, and then achieve them. Mari works with clients to improve their effectiveness and performance, and helps them to achieve their full potential.


There are plenty of possibilities to co-operate with Montzerratoi. Send an email or call and we`ll find a right solution for your needs.


"I`m happy to help you.

You`ll have fun and you`ll achieve your goals"


Mari Pakka:

RMP Sports Master
Nutrition Coach
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™                                                                 
Licensed Practitioner of NLP™
Wellness Coach
BSc Automotive Engineering


Interested in:

NLP, natural nutrition, mindfullness, bio-hacking, EFT, Tapping, Suggestion therapy, calisthenics, motorsport, relaxation techniques, Methods for Focusing and Concentrating Effectively, smart goal setting, mental skills, healing, well-being at work, reading.

Montzerratoi`s founder and Head Coach Mari Pakka